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Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? – Lorrie Moore – Audible Book Review

Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? – Lorrie Moore – Audible Book Review
A Novel by Lorrie Moore

Who Will Run the Frog Hospital is a novel written by Lorrie Moore which was published in 1994. It was her second novel, following Anagrams in 1986. Moore was born in New York in 1957 and is possibly best known for her collections of short stories, including Self-Help (1985) and Birds of America (1998).

The book tells the story of Benoite-Marie “Berie” Carr. She is now middle-aged and is looking back on her teenage friendship with Silsby Chaussee or Sils as she is known. They both work together at the unusual amusement park called Storyland, which is based around a variety of fairy tale characters. The pair seem inseparable in early life and spent all their free time together. The book delves into a time where the pair are starting to explore the adult world, leaving their childish games behind.

The book is read by Gabrielle de Cuir, who is a regular reader of Audiobooks and easily captures their teenage vernacular. The novel has many impressive moments and Moore has a wonderful gift for images and tiny details that add depth to the characters. The name of the book comes from a hospital Berie and Sils set up to help the frogs that are have been tortured by teenage boys. Just one of the many wonderful ideas that are contained within these pages.

Narrated by: Gabrielle de Cuir
Length: 5 hrs and 47 mins

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