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Paint My Name In Black and Gold – Mark Andrews – Book Review

Paint My Name In Black and Gold – Mark Andrews – Book Review
by Killian Laher

In the space of little over a year, there have been not one but two forensic studies of the Sisters of Mercy up to 1985.  This book is certainly not for the casual fan, but it will be lapped up by the hardcore.  Mark Andrews details the origins of the band in painstaking detail.  Even for those who have devoured every article about Andrew Eldritch (or Andy Taylor) and co, there is plenty of new information here.

Andrews has clearly spoken to many of the key figures who were there at the time, notably Mark Pearman or Gary Marx as he became known, as well as Eldritch, Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams.  The book does indicate why the Sisters of Mercy still fascinate to this day, despite not having released any music in nearly 30 years.  The group are described in tones that make them sound significant and Andrew Eldritch in particular emerges as an extremely odd, insecure yet compelling figure.  In fact, the book shows occasional kindness breaking through Eldritch’s extraordinary hubris.  The rest of the band present a rounded view of that time, especially Marx who is quoted directly in several chapters.

Those looking to learn what ‘Goth’ is or understand the appeal of the band without any prior knowledge will find this book is not for them.  The book is for the committed fans. A very entertaining read, one to file alongside Trevor Ristow’s equally enjoyable account of the band.

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