A Musical Preview of 2022

A Musical Preview of 2022
by Killian Laher

We’ll avoid previewing any gigs, not to jinx things, but here are some albums we might expect to hear in 2022.

This year’s experimental brats/geniuses Black Country New Road are releasing a second album in February, Ants From Up There.  They’ve already released a few tasters from it, including this one

Eddie Vedder will also release his third solo album Earthling which has him sounding right in the middle of the road

Midlake‘s long-awaited fifth album, For The Sake of Bethel Woods, will be their first in nearly nine years and will emerge in March, here’s a track from it

Pat Barrett is planning a second release under the name Arrivalists, We’ve Enough to Take Us Home and this is likely to appear in February.  This may or not include some of the instrumental work he was telling us about a few weeks ago.

Cowboy Junkies are planning a covers album, Songs of the Recollection for spring, and an album of originals with a similar sound to All That Reckoning.  We hope to hear Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever‘s third album in May, along with a third Fontaines DC album.  Lloyd Cole is working on an album, a more keyboard inspired work along the lines of Guesswork.  Those who like gritty guitars and female singers should look out for the third album from American band, the unfortunately-named Momma, especially if it’s anything like this:

Morrissey has a classic Morrissey album title, Bonfire of Teenagers bit little else, The Cure reportedly have a 67-minute album in the works.  Neil Young fans have been well catered for in recent years with newly recorded material and newly ‘discovered’ archive material.  Subscribers to his Archives have just received an old album from 1987, Summer Songs, while Archives 3 may also be on the way….

Let’s not even mention MBV…

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