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Snail Mail – Valentine – Album Review

Snail Mail – Valentine – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Snail Mail is the name for a solo project by American singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan.  She released an excellent debut in 2018 and here is the follow-up.  Things get off to a good start with the title track, which starts kind of languid, before exploding into a soaring chorus.  The poppy Ben Franklin kicks things up a notch, it’s one of the more uptempo tracks here.  One you could dance to, while at the same it also showcases Jordan’s subtle, textured guitar work.

Generally, the rest of the album is quite subdued.  Jangly guitar is to the fore on the moody Headlock.  There are a couple of acoustic tracks here full of the kind of aching loveliness Gemma Hayes did much of in her early days.  Light Blue is an absolute beaut with strings accompanying the picked guitar, while the slide guitar on the c. et al conjures up sunny, early mornings.  Final track Mia is in a similar vein, albeit with piano and strings.

Forever stays a bit muted, with some economic guitar playing creating a moody 80s feel.  It’s not all sit and stare at your navel stuff, Madonna and Glory are more upbeat.  The latter has a driving, insistent rhythm, hitting in just the right places.  Automate has loads going on, one of the more complex tracks, summery strumming mixed with some distortion.

Nothing outstays its welcome on an album that lasts just over half an hour.  It’s a collection of what used to be referred to as ‘perfect pop’.  If there’s any justice Lindsey Jordan and Snail Mail will be on a lot of people’s radar by the end of the year.


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