New Music – Keaton Henson – Before Growing Old

New Music – Keaton Henson – Before Growing Old

Taken from the EP -“Fragments” – Release Friday, August 27th 2021

What is it about an album that makes us sit up and pay attention when EPs are so often ignored? Something to ponder for another time, no doubt.

This EP is just as lovely as Keaton’s recent album Monument and acts as an “indirect companion piece” to the album. The subject matter might also be a little easier to handle, as Monument dealt with the death of Hewnon’s father. You can read our review of it here.

“On the album closer Bygones as he sings ‘I’m going to live if it kills me’ you feel that he is no longer driven by his loss, but by a sense of creating something beautiful, a monument to the man he has loved and lost and is determined to remember.” – Cathy Brown from her review.

The single ‘Before Growing Old’  is another haunting guitar ballad from a man who does them so well. A song about a love that wasn’t meant to be.

“When we grow up
I will break my promises and you’ll fall out of love
We will not grow old, together”

Another single off the EP is ‘No Love Lost’ and you can hear Keaton’s thoughts on the song below.

“a sideways look at being left behind, less a love song and more a “don’t worry I’ll be fine song”, though I don’t know how much I believe him.” – Keaton Henson

There is also a gem of a duet between Keaton and the wonderful Julien Baker called Marionette.


1. A Cassette Interlude
2. Limb
3. Before Growing Old
4. Marionette (with Julien Baker)
5. New Kid
6. Invite
7. No Love Lost
8. For Kiran

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