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Lexicon of Sound – Hypnagogia – Album Review

Lexicon of Sound – Hypnagogia – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Irish composer Colm Fitzpatrick records under the name of Lexicon of Sound.  Last year’s Hypnagogia album is very much in the ambient vein and has just received a physical release.  After the brief, off-kilter opener The Omadon, the keyboard swells of Calling Mamba Devi ooze out of the speakers, punctuated every so often with strange snatches of spoken word.  What follows is the immersive Doctor Mesmer, a fine example of this genre done well.  On the other hand, the 10 minute plus title track is, while certainly a centrepiece, a little too much of one thing.  Later, Agatha’s Bells is very atmospheric and the foreboding Abdul’s Android is reminiscent of some of the classic Bowie/ Eno collaborative works of the late 70s.  Like many ambient albums, it’s difficult to isolate individual tracks, better to listen to as one complete album.

It’s far from immediate, taking several listens to get into it, and it certainly gives the lie to the idea that this style is background music.  This album demands your attention and rewards it.  While it’s difficult to ignore the influence here of Brian Eno, there is much here to explore.


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