New Music Dublin 2021

New Music Dublin 2021
Full details can be found here.

The New Music Dublin Festival has taken the brave step of continuing this year despite the restrictions currently in place. The festival will take place over the weekend of April 23rd to 26th and is via Youtube. It includes a variety of Irish talent such as the Crash Emsemble and Barry O’Halpin (formerly in Alarmist). You can see some of the highlights below…

Highlights Include:

Evlana presents Constellations: Concert 1 – Date: Friday 23rd April @ 2.30pm
Venue: Live streamed for free from Smock Alley Theatre

Judith Ring (b. 1976 ) Swelt Belly at Dawn (9’) 2013
Donnacha Dennehy (b. 1970) Paddy (8’) 2003
Amanda Feery (b. 1984 Kissing the Ground (5’) 2015
John McLachlan (b. 1964) Headland (12’) 2021 World Premiere/New Music Dublin 2021 Commission

Crash Ensemble – Wingform – Saturday 24th April

The world premiere of Wingform, a new commission by Crash from composer-in-residence and guitarist Barry O’Halpin.

Crash Ensemble – Granulated Frequencies – Sunday 25th April @ 8.30pm

Two world premieres alongside new music set to film.



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