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Max Richter – Voices 2 – Album Review


Max Richter – Voices 2 – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Max Richter’s second album under the Voices banner emerges, less than 12 months after the first.  While the original was more an achievement to admire than really immerse in, Voices 2 is a much more restful, almost ambient affair.  The opening track Psychogeography is gloriously subtle, at times barely there at all, taking its time to unfurl over nearly seven engaging minutes.  Further into the album, Colour Wheel strikes a similar, ambient note.  Mirrors is the opposite, a brief slice of moody piano.  There are some actual voices of the wordless variety in the shape of the choir of sopranos on the cinematic Follower, a brooding exercise in tension building and release.

We’re very much in the realm of the spiritual with the moody Solitaires and the slightly darker
Movement Study.  Possibly the loveliest moment is Prelude 2, quintessential piano and strings.  There’s time also for a solo piano versions of Origins and Mercy Duet, two of the highlights of last year’s collection

For those familiar with the first ‘Voices’ album, this has echoes of its predecessor.  Though somehow he has turned it into something new, and it’s much more digestible than the sometimes unwieldy predecessor.  For those unfamiliar with Richter this is not a bad place to start, and the committed won’t be disappointed either.

Track List:
1. Psychogeography
2. Mirrors
3. Follower
4. Solitaires
5. Movement Study
6. Prelude 2
7. Colour Wheel
8. Origins (Solo)
9. Little Requiems – Cello Version
10. Mercy Duet

Prelude 2

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