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The Antlers – Green to Gold – Album Review

The Antlers – Green to Gold – Album Review
by Killian Laher

The new album Green To Gold. Coming March 26th.

The Antlers return after seven years with their sixth album.  There’s a burnt-out, sun-dappled quality to the album.  It feels like it could have come out 7 months after Familiars rather than 7 years!  Instrumental opener Strawflower sets the tone, all trebly guitars and big wide open vibes.  Wheels Roll Home has a soft-focus charm but it, like Solstice and many of these songs, glide by without making much impression.  There’s more soul found here than ever before, on the elegiac Stubborn Man, and the slow-burning It Is What It Is.

Many of the more substantive tracks occur later in the album, such as the lazy, blissed-out Porchlight, or the yearning Volunteer which you could imagine the likes of Matt Berninger singing.  There’s a gorgeous, washed-out coda to this latter one.  The final track, brief instrumental Equinox is a ringer for Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours.

There is no sign of the angst of old on this album, it’s just ten songs that very pleasantly don’t feel much like going anywhere.

Track List:
1. Strawflower
2. Wheels Roll Home
3. Solstice
4. Stubborn Man
5. Just One Sec
6. It Is What It Is
7. Volunteer
8. Green to Gold
9. Porchlight
10. Equinox

Wheels Roll Home

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