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King Pallas – We Pause EP – Review

King Pallas – We Pause EP – Review
by Killian Laher

Irish artist King Pallas, the recording name for Patrick O’Brien of Windings, released a debut EP a month or so ago.  Opening track Home is fairly standard singer-songwriter strumalong stuff.  Fairly harmless but not particularly memorable.  But the other three tracks on this EP are another story altogether.

The Dead has pretty guitar-picking and O’Brien’s drawled vocals, a bit like Mark Kozelek’s more transcendent material (before he disappeared up his own hole).  Letters Letters… BOI has a medieval folk air to it, along the lines of Midlake.  Wallers Ghost has wonderfully sun-dappled guitar picking, marrying the influences mentioned above really nicely.  The music is relaxed and almost uniformly gorgeous.

One to watch, for definite. It’s available here.

Track List:
1. Home
2. The Dead
3. Letters Letters… BOI
4. Wallers Ghost

Wallers Ghost

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