TV Picks of the Week – 09/11/20

The Den – RTÉ One @ 6.30pm on Sundays

How long have I waited to be able to put a picture of the Den on the top of this page? If you’re of a certain age this is a reason to celebrate. If you’re not of a certain age, it probably doesn’t mean that much to you at all. Still, it’s worth checking out for some of the oddest improv comedy Ireland has ever seen. Now, everyone shout…’Keep it down, Ted’!

The Booker Prize 2020 – BBC2, Thursday @ 7.30pm

See who wins from a collection of books you probably haven’t read. See if it’s not Hilary Mantel? She seems to win it every year, right? Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention. This year, the smart money is on one of the three books below. I promise to read which ever one wins!

Tsitsi Dangarembga – This Mournable Body
Douglas Stuart – Shuggie Bain
Maaza Mengiste – The Shadow King

Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds – Apple TV+ from Friday

Werner Herzog is involved with this. Is that not enough? It certainly is for me.

“A new documentary from Werner Herzog about meteors and comets and their influence on ancient religions and other cultural and physical impacts they’ve had on Earth.”


THE LIFE AHEAD –  Netflix on 13 November.

Another film we can recommend with just two words; Sophia Loren. Expect your heart strings to have a good old tugging with this one…

“In seaside Italy, a Holocaust survivor with a daycare business takes in a 12-year-old street kid who recently robbed her.”

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