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Suzanne Vega – An Evening of New York Stories and Songs

Suzanne Vega – An Evening of New York Stories and Songs
by Killian Laher

Suzanne Vega is releasing a career-spanning live album, a recording of a show from 2019 in New York.  For those familiar with Vega this will be something of a delight.  The mood is relaxed, as you might expect.  Opening with possibly her two most well-known songs Marlene On The Wall and Luka are rendered flawlessly, not sounding dated at all, with the latter played mostly on the piano.  Other highlights include newer material New York Is A Woman and Pornographers Dream, along with older songs Gypsy and Some Journey.  The playing is very nice throughout, her band with Gerry Leonard on guitar handles the material with skill and sensitivity.

Vega is less successful when she strays into cover territory but the decision to cover Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side is a baffling one for her or any other artist.  Later, Tom’s Diner is given a treatment akin to that of the DNA remix in the early 90s.  They save the liveliest number Tombstone for the penultimate track.  Suzanne Vega’s fans will lap this up, and for those who may have lost track of Vega 25 years ago, this will act as a timely reminder of her talent.

Track List:

1. Marlene On The Wall
2. Luka
3. New York Is A Woman
4. Frank and Ava
5. Gypsy
6. Freeze Tag
7. Pornographers Dream
8. NY Is My Destination
9. Walk On The WIld Side
10. Ludlow Street
11. Cracking
12. Some Journey
13. Tom’s Diner
14. Anniversary
15. Tombstone
16. Thin Man

Walk on the Wild Side

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