Television Picks of the Week – 25/08/20

Television Picks of the Week – 25/08/20
by Alison Traynor

From documentaries about alien hunters to dodgy vampire erotica, here are No More Workhorse’s television picks of the week, painstakingly selected for your viewing pleasure.

John Was Trying to Contact Aliens

At the behest of COVID-19, many of us are working from home without our co-workers to keep us entertained and frankly, tea breaks are just not the same anymore. However, we should be grateful that at this time of global catastrophe, John Was Trying to Contact Aliens has been released on Netflix, for it is the perfect distraction to accompany a lonely midday sandwich.

In this aptly titled, sixteen-minute-long documentary, filmmaker Matthew Killip follows an eccentric electronics expert named John Shepherd who has spent over three decades attempting to contact extraterrestrials by broadcasting music into space. Although Shepherd is not entirely successful in his plight, the touching human story which inevitably unfurls certainly makes up for the lack of alien cameos.

Dark Forces 

There are many things that can elevate a film to greatness: realistic characters, sharply crafted dialogue, innovative cinematography. Well, Mexican horror film Dark Forces (or Fuego Negro) encompasses none of these elements, and that is exactly why you need to watch it this week. While it may not make it to the Oscars, it sure is a lot of fun!

Bernardo Arellano’s feature, which was released on Netflix last week, narrates the story of a criminal who, while searching for his sister, finds himself in a squalid hotel which also happens to be occupied by a number of terribly CGI’d vampires. With such a ridiculous premise alongside a healthy smattering of gratuitous, inelegant sex scenes and its general air of campiness, it is indisputable that Dark Forces is a must-watch.

Rita (Series 5)

The latest series of Rita is finally here! For those who are not familiar with this Danish comedy-drama, it focuses on the day-to-day life of rebellious, chain-smoking teacher Rita Madsen, who is played brilliantly by Mille Dinesen. Basically, think Teachers, but if Andrew Lincoln was an anarchic Scandinavian single mother with a penchant for plaid shirts. 

The fifth series sees Rita running a private school alongside her friend Hjørdis. Unsurprisingly, this endeavour does not go smoothly. The chaos which ensues is exacerbated by the introduction of new characters and the return of some old favourites too, while plenty of Rita’s signature reckless behaviour can also be expected. This new addition to Netflix is bound to delight die-hard fans and Rita virgins alike. 


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