Lankum at the Abbey Theatre – 15 August 2020

Lankum at the Abbey – 15 August 2020

Where do you stand on virtual gigs? They are a near-constant of the last few months, with bands trying to come up with new and exciting concepts to reach out to their fans. One of the most interesting looking events comes in the form of Lankum performing on the Abbey stage this Saturday. Lankum will perform along with special guests from the world of ‘music and comedy’ to hopefully create something quite special.

LANKUM – A National Disgrace – “You have disgraced yourselves again!” – W.B. Yeats

In 1926, a furious Yeats took to the stage of the Abbey theatre, in an attempt to quell the riot that had erupted during the premiere of Sean O’Casey’s The Plough and the Stars. The audience, offended by O’Casey’s themes of prostitution and use of blasphemy and profanities, objected, thus marking an evening that was publicly deemed A National Disgrace.

On Saturday 15th of August, almost a century later, LANKUM, along with a number of special guests from the contemporary world of Irish music and comedy, will take to the same stage and bring you an evening like no other. Broadcast live online to exclusive ticket holders, the group will host a very special one-off, immersive, surrealist experience.

Come with us on a night out in Dublin city. An adventure that begins with your taxi drive to Dublin’s historic Abbey Theatre. You will be welcomed inside by our specially chosen usher and directed to your seat, thus beginning your gradual descent into a warped, dreamworld of musical performance, theatre, winding passages, doorways, drones and existential uncertainty…


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