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Yo La Tengo – We Have Amnesia Sometimes – Album Review

Yo La Tengo – We Have Amnesia Sometimes – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Yo La Tengo have just released probably their strangest album to date.  It’s a series of five ‘formless’ long, droning pieces, they released one each day last week.  There are no vocals, very little identifiable instrumentation and very little evidence of melody.  The first track will have you scratching your head, the second track buzzes with an understated menace but little else.  By the time you reach the third track, your ears are clamouring for something resembling a tune, and certainly, some of the raw materials are here.  Georgia Hubley’s drums make their presence felt on the fourth track.  Ambient?  Yes, and surely pretty self-indulgent too.  Hard to imagine this one being revisited too often.  It’s available here.

Track List:
1. James and Ira demonstrate mysticism and some confusion holds (Monday)
2. Georgia thinks it’s probably okay (Tuesday)
3. James gets up and watches mourning birds with Abraham (Wednesday)
4. Georgia considers the two blue ones (Thursday)
5. Ira searches for the slide, sort of (Friday)

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