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Thomas Bartlett – Shelter – Album Review

Thomas Bartlett – Shelter – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Thomas Bartlett, pianist from the Gloaming has released an album of 8 lengthy but lovely piano pieces.  The opener Lucida is contemplative and classic-sounding, there’s an old-fashioned, almost 1940s feel to it.  Rubrifolia is exceptionally soothing, while Xanthina is sparse with something of a jazz theme.  Later we get the wintry beauty of Multiflora and the elongated, barroom blues of Phoenicia.  You get the picture?  Exquisitely chilled-out piano music.

A whole album of piano pieces can seem daunting to the uninitiated but it would be a shame not to investigate this.  Best consumed as a whole, the album will provide a long, languid slice of escapism.

Track List:
1. Lucida
2. Rubrifolia
3. Xanthina
4. Multiflora
5. Moschato
6. Phoenicia
7. Arvensis
8. Rugosa


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