And The Music Plays On…

And The Music Plays On…
by Fran Winston

For many artists, the CoVid lockdown is proving extremely frustrating. Perhaps especially for musicians as they can have a wonderful track due to land but no way of getting it out there as shooting a music video to promote it has become nigh on impossible. Unless you are UK indie band the Tin Pigeons that is, and have the foresight to call on a creative pair of Irish Filmmakers. Dublin based Tommy Creagh and Conor Tobin came up with a lockdown friendly way of shooting the bands latest video for their ironically titled single Closer. Producer/Director Creagh explained:

“We had to adapt to the reality of what we could do under lockdown. The only way it could possibly work was for Conor, the D.O.P, to film himself throughout his daily routine and for us to discuss the rushes over Skype at the end of every day and work them back into an ever-evolving treatment. The process was slower than usual but from the restrictions, an organic visual style formed. Through trial and error, we figured out a way to work around the obstacles in place and tell a compelling story”. 

The band wrote the song pre lockdown while on a rural writing weekend in a remote corner of the Lake District. However, the themes resonate with the current world situation since it explores how emotionally draining society can be, which, in turn, can make us rather numb to our feelings. 

“In light of recent events in the world, this subject matter has never seemed more appropriate. In some ways we are all battling with the effects of social isolation, finding plenty of time to sit with ourselves and study our cracks… We are creatures designed to be together and Closer reflects the mental health conflict we go through in separation” explained band members Fraser Norton and Thomas Quemby,

Widely acclaimed the duo has been described as, “One of the best festival bands we know,” by BBC Music Introducing and have an incredibly loyal fanbase who will no doubt be thrilled that can still enjoy video output from the band. You can watch Tommy and Conor’s efforts here – 


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