In One Eye, Out The Other – Smock Alley – Review

In One Eye, Out The Other – Smock Alley – Review
6 – 11 Jan 2020– 8pm

This is a one-man production where Tadhg Hickey plays the part of Fergal, a young man who never really had a chance. He comes from a family of alcoholics, with both his parents drinking heavily from the day he was born, along with his brothers and an unknown number of sisters. The most unusual thing about this story is that instead of telling it as a heartfelt tale of hardship, it is a comedy! We learn some harsh truths about a young man suffering from alcoholism and mental illness, two topics that are rarely included in a humorous tale for fear of making light of a serious topic!

Fergal has a wild imagination which is required to get him through the day. The play is filled with references to 80’s and 90’s films and TV shows, with Home Alone, Splash and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all featuring. There are also a number of Irish sporting heroes and even some saints who turn up to spice up the irreverent storyline.

There are minimal props used for the performance, just some interesting lighting. Tadhg tells his story directly to the audience, addressing us as ‘guys’, which draws the viewer into his world and makes the experience more immediate. The fourth wall is clearly broken and at times it feels closer to stand up comedy than theatre.

The play first appeared at the Dublin Fringe Festival last year where it received a number of nominations for awards, including the Judges’ Choice award and the best performer award. Tadhg certainly deserves considerable praise for his performance as he brings life to this strange and surreal tale. At times the story lurches into the bizarre with talking turkeys and statues of saints coming to life, but it is all part of the madness of this dream-like story.

Written/Performed by Tadhg Hickey
Directed by John McCarthy
Original music by Brian Lane
Produced by Claire O Connel

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