The Biggest Little Farm – Film Review

The Biggest Little Farm – Film Review

Director: John Chester
Writers: John Chester, Mark Monroe
Stars: John Chester, Molly Chester, Matthew Pilachowski

Find out more about The Biggest Little Farm here.

John and Molly Chester lived together in a small apartment in Santa Monica. John was a wildlife documentary film cameraman who travelled around the world. Molly was a private chef and food blogger. Their lives revolved around the city. That was until they adopted a dog with the saddest blue eyes called Todd. They left Todd in their apartment by day as they went to work. Todd would bark until their return several hours later! They tried everything to stop his barking but failed. They were soon served with an eviction notice for the apartment and had a choice to make, one which they solved in an unusual manner. They bought a farm and went to live on it, a place where Todd could bark as much as he liked!

Their idea for a farm was like ‘something out of a children’s book’. It would grow all types of fruit and vegetables, along with having a variety of animals and wildlife. It was their vision of a traditional farm in a place called Apricot Lane. We get to follow their adventure as they turn up with little or no experience in farming and try to change the dry and dusty land into an active farm.

One of the positives of this documentary is John’s experience as a wildlife cameraman. The film has some beautiful images of plants and animals around the farm. While there are hints from the trailer of something sinister lurking, the documentary takes a remarkably positive slant on their adventure. There are several unanswered questions, like where the money for the 200-acre farm came from. Despite this, it is a feel-good documentary that puts the sunny side out while showing some of the difficulties of running a farm in a traditional manner. Just watch out for those darn gophers!


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