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Tindersticks – No Treasure But Hope – Album review

Tindersticks – No Treasure But Hope – Album review
by Killian Laher

This would appear to be Tindersticks’ twelfth studio album, not counting numerous soundtracks.  Modern musical trends such as autotune, hip-hop and chillwave have not impacted one iota on their sound.

The album opens with the slow ballad For the Beauty, Stuart Staples crooning moodily over plaintive piano and strings.  The Amputees and Tough Love see them indulge their more soulful side.  The band excel dealing in brooding, majestic yet soothing soundscapes and there are plenty of tracks like that here, such as Trees Fall and Take Care In Your Dreams.  On the other hand, Pinky In The Daylight has a much sunnier feel.

Also, definitely worthy of a mention are gorgeous, sparser ballads Carousel, the title track, and The Old Mans Gait, the latter featuring a classic Staples spoken word part.

A definite return to form for Tindersticks after a couple of hit and miss albums, this is their strongest in years.

Track List –

1. For the Beauty
2. The Amputees
3. Trees Fall
4. Pinky In The Daylight
5. Carousel
6. Take Care In Your Dreams
7. See My Girls
8. The Old Mans Gait
9. Tough Love
10. No Treasure But Hope

The Amputees

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