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Omni – Networker – Album Review

Omni – Networker – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Omni are an American band who, on their third album, channel a kind of New York cool, despite being from Atlanta.  Songs like Sincerely Yours and Underage have a taut, clipped groove, all tightly played guitars and drawled vocals.  Courtesy Call and Moat are reminiscent of puritan post-punks Gang of Four.  Skeleton Key has a poppier feel, crossed with a little seventies Bowie.

At times it can be difficult to figure out when one song ends and another begins so much is the homogenous sound of the album.  The airless, almost clinical choppy guitars can be a little much, particularly on Flat Earth.  But it’s hard to find fault with this album, a fine modern day example of 40-odd-years-post punk.

Track List –

1. Sincerely Yours
2. Courtesy Call
3. Moat
4. Underage
5. Skeleton Key
6. Genuine Person
7. Present Tense
8. Blunt Force
9. Flat Earth
10. Networker
11. Sleep Mask

Sincerely Yours

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