Short+Sweet Festival – Dublin

Short+Sweet Festival – Dublin

Are you currently experiencing Festival cold turkey? That period where you life seems a bit dull after a solid month of Fringe and Theatre Festival events around Dublin? Fear not, as there’s something coming to fill the void in your life.

The Short+Sweet Festival is a collection of short plays. Full details are below or here.

The core aims of Short+Sweet Dublin are:

Wildcards: October 22nd & 23rd at The Sean O’Casey Theatre Eastwall, Dublin 3
Top Ten: October 24th, 25th & 26th at The Sean O’Casey Theatre Eastwall, Dublin 3

Dublin presents the European Launch of International Festival Short+Sweet

Short+Sweet Dublin is a week long festival of 20 ten-minute plays, running at The Sean O’Casey Theatre in East Wall from October 22nd – 26th. With over 90 participants, this festival aims to expand the Irish theatre network through five nights of original and engaging theatre. 

Short+Sweet, an international festival established in Sydney, has been running for 17 years and is currently active in 30+ cities, with over 2.5k artists involved globally each year. Short+Sweet Dublin is the first European iteration. 

With 10 plays performed each night, the audience can expect to experience a whirlwind of emotional journeys as they move into a new world every 10 minutes. According to O’Sullivan, there is never a dull moment in an evening at Short+Sweet Dublin. Themes range from loneliness and regret to learning to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, with a little Shakespearen zombie madness to top it all off. 

The Dublin based arts journalist Sarah Gilmartin, whose play Old Woman of The Roads looks at loneliness and online dating, says Short+Sweet Dublin has been a positive experience. “With a festival of this nature, you get to meet a lot of talented people across the board, from directors to actors to the stage crew. It was a great challenge to write a complete piece, as opposed to a sketch, within the timeframe. I’m delighted my play was picked and I can’t wait to see it come to life. It’s directed by Diana O’Connor and has two wonderful actors in it, Barry John Kinsella and Lynette Callaghan.” 


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