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Modern Nature – How To Live – Album Review

Modern Nature – How To Live – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Modern Nature are a group made up of Jack Cooper from Ultimate Painting/Mazes and Will Young from BEAK>, amongst others.  Their debut album is a low-key delight.  After a brief opening, Footsteps comes ambling in on a motorik beat, whispery vocals and an insistent, addictive melody.  It even incorporates a wayward saxophone, without ruining the song!  Turbulence nods to The Beatles Dear Prudence, but elsewhere tunes like Seance, Nightmares and Oracle are so understated, they are barely there.  Yet the album is a cohesive listen, Peradam and Nature lean towards the melodic side of Radiohead by way of Midlake.

Probably the most complex track is the psychedelic closer Devotee, which builds gradually to an eventual mini-freak out.  It’s an elusive album, each listen reveals something a previous one didn’t.  If you like your musical pleasures hard-earned, this might well float your boat.

Track List –

1. Bloom
2. Footsteps
3. Turbulence
4. Criminals
5. Seance
6. Nightmares
7. Peradam
8. Oracle
9. Nature
10. Devotee


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