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Caught In The Wake Forever – Waypoints – Album Review

Caught In The Wake Forever – Waypoints – Album Review
by Killian Laher

After two years away, Fraser McGowan returns with a fully instrumental album as Caught In The Wake Forever.  It’s largely composed of tranquil, drifting ambient pieces with occasional shuffling, glitchy noises here and there.  Piano piece A Flutter In The Backwoods has the sound rounded out by a drone to create an almost symphonic effect, the track stops a little prematurely after three minutes.  Perhaps the most fully realised track is The Houses Here Have Changed.  With a gorgeous piano part and a synth that emulates a string section, it provides a beautiful glacial drift, with hints of guitar over it, it’s six and a half minutes of escape.  Carousels is a little reminiscent of the ambient side of Dakota Suite.

Essentially the album is largely made up of foreboding piano and ambient washes of synths, with a little guitar here and there.  It will be a little obtuse for many but for those who take a bit of time and let this seep in they’ll find a rewarding slab of peaceful music.  It’s available here.

Track List –
1. A Flutter In The Backwoods
2. The Houses Here Have Changed
3. Carousels
4. Rotten Cork
5. NV Drowning
6. Wool & Wire
7. Just Above The Floodlines

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