W.A.M. We Are Monchichi – Dublin Dance Festival – Review

W.A.M. We Are Monchichi – Dublin Dance Festival – Review by Frank L.

Performances – May 10th and 11th – Run now finished

W.A.M. We are Monchichi created by Company Wang Ramirez

Wang Ramirez was created by Honji Wang and Sebastien Ramirez in 2007. While their dance roots lie in Hip Hop, since the start of their collaboration, they have created their own unique ensemble.

The stage is bare apart from a lone tree which is almost as sparse as the tree which adorns Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’. Wang is on the stage alone, a nymph-like creature who speaks carefully to the audience in precise sentences. We learn she comes from Taiwan and lives in Paris. She is joined by Ramirez who tells us he comes from Naples but now lives in Berlin. They start to have a conversation but because of the number of languages in their respective backgrounds the potential for misunderstanding is high and a row duly breaks out.

The performance then seeks to find common ground in which they can live together notwithstanding their differences. There are changes of costume and persona as they try ‘to understand each other in a humorous game of cat and mouse’. There are innovative sequences which use lights that appear out of nowhere on the tree. These lights are taken from the tree and by some technical magic are thrown back and forth between the two performers. All very intriguing and beautiful to watch.

Although advertised as a ‘family show for ages 7+’ there was little in the show to make seven-year-olds laugh.  There was however for those more mature members of the audience a great deal to engage and entertain, as the two dancers in perfect and innovative harmony explored the spaces in which they found themselves and each other.


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