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Cinematic Orchestra – Vicar Street – Live Review – 25/03/19

Cinematic Orchestra – Vicar Street – Live Review – 25/03/19

Cinematic Orchestra were formed by Jason Swinscoe in 1999 and grew in popularity with the release of their first three studio albums. They released Ma Fleur in 2007 and then promptly disappeared from view! During this time, the band members worked on various projects including soundtrack work. They returned this year with the release of ‘To Believe’ to some stunning reviews. There performance in Vicar street last night was their first appearance in Dublin in 12 years.

The band are known for their collaborations with various rappers/ singers such as Roots Manuva and Fontella Bass (who died in 2012). Unfortunately, such heavy weights were not part of the touring group, but we did get an impressive group of musicians and singers. The band were an eight piece on the night, with guitar, bass, keyboard and drums featuring throughout along with a variety of electronic devices, double bass and saxophone filling out the sound. There were also two female singers who featured on a number of tracks. The set opened with the instrumental track ‘Lessons’ off the new album before returning to ‘Man with the Movie Camera’ from their 2003 soundtrack release. The first track with vocals followed with “Wait for Now / Leave the World” from the new album.

The arrangements varied throughout the night to give a good mixture of sound. There was also an impressive light show, which was a little unexpected for a ‘nu jazz’ band. The group finished the set with ‘A Promise’, the final song off the new album. They returned with two encores, including a version of ‘All That You Give’, which was the the highlight of the night. They’re a band that have a free wheeling and fluent style that is quite beguiling.

Support on the night came from PBDY with a DJ set either side of a performance by the wonderfully named Salami Rose Joe Louis, who sang and played keyboard along with various backing tracks. She has an impressive voice which suited her husky, late night vibe.


Man with the Movie Camera
Wait for Now / Leave the World
Channel 1 Suite
Zero One / This Fantasy
Tom Sax Loop
Familiar Ground
A Promise

Encore: All That You Give
Encore 2: Ode to the Big Sea


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