Dublin Dance Festival 2019 – Preview

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Dublin Dance Festival 2019 – Preview by Frank L.

The Festival will take place from 1st to 19th May 2019 and as is its style it has performers from far and wide including France, Palestine, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Belgium and of course Ireland. There is also throughout the festival a series of workshops and master classes, the opportunity to see works in development from the likes of David Bolger in collaboration with Cois Ceim Dance Theatre, events for children under ten and for adults with intellectual difficulties. Go to the website to see what is on

Perhaps one of the most intriguing events is ‘Phoenix’, a French/Palestinian collaboration,  which is described as ‘a piece for drones and and dancers’. While these words in themselves send the imagination into overdrive a further imaginative leap is required as the description continues that the performance ‘then connects live via Skype with artists in Gaza who live in the constant threat and roar of drones.’ Fascinating as to how all this will be achieved on a stage in Dublin.


Another show that seems to move strongly away from the norm is ‘Ensemble‘ from Scotland. Here, five dancers ranging in age from 32 to 76 years of age come together in ‘a joyous expression of togetherness among a group of different ages.’ Again the mind wonders how this can be achieved.


On a more solemn note from Belgium ‘Rosas danst Rosas‘ which is ‘a rigidly structured work for four female dancers in which repetition plays a leading role’ where ‘the ferocity of movement is countered by small everyday gestures’. It is a piece which has withstood the test of time having been created in 1983. This will be its Irish premier.


There are of course pieces by Irish choreographers such as Liz Roche’s  with her ‘I,Thou‘ in collaboration with Linda Buckley and Liv O’Donoghue’s ‘After‘.

There is much more besides and the festival starts in a very different gear with This is Pop Baby’s ‘Riot’ which is ‘a disorderly cocktail’ of jigs, moves, sexy circus and ‘gut punching spoken word’.  With Miss Panti herself featuring prominently this will ensure the whole festival starts with a celebratory bang.

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