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Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock – Album Review

Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock – Album Review by Killian Laher

Bob Mould is in a really energised phase over his most recent albums.  Ever since 2011’s autobiography he seems to have redoubled his edge and vim and channelled this into his music, particularly on his two most recent albums Beauty & Ruin and Patch The Sky.  So if you like those, you won’t be disappointed here, on his first album since the death of former bandmate Grant Hart.

The album opens up bursting out of the speakers at breakneck speed with the title track which features classic Mould-ian chord progressions.  This barrels into the powerful What Do You Want Me To Do, which channels all of the energy of Husker-influenced bands from Foo Fighters to Kerbdog and reclaims it for himself.

This is one of his more immediate albums for quite some time.  The highs follow at rapid speed, through fast songs here like Sunny Love Song and Shocking Blue cover Send Me A Postcard.  Strings and keyboards crop up here and there, not necessarily adding to the overall sound, the likes of Lost Faith and Western Sunset would arguably be better without them.  The band eases up slightly on The Final Years and the innocent strum of Camp Sunshine.  The latter features reflective lyrics about “the days I used to spend making music with my friends… always be grateful, always say thank you and please”.

But it’s brief respite.  I Fought is true to its title, belting along for two minutes with a fast, hard rocking riff as Mould roars out the lyrics “I FOUGHT FOR YOU!”  Sin King is one of the standouts, with a bruised, defiant anthemic guitar riff.  One to turn up loud and punch the air to.

It’s very much a straight down the line Bob Mould album, not much in the way of frills but concentrating on 12 immediate hooky songs.  Perhaps there is a slight lack of variety here, and those after Bob Mould’s more thoughtful moments aren’t really catered for.  But for somebody at the age of 58 to still be rocking as hard as this is a very good thing.  If this was a long lost Sugar album it would be hugely acclaimed, and for long-term fans, this won’t disappoint.

Track List –
1. Sunshine Rock
2. What Do You Want Me To Do
3. Sunny Love Song
4. Thirty Dozen Roses
5. The Final Years
6. Irrational Posion
7. I Fought
8. Sin King
9. Lost Faith
10. Camp Sunshine
11. Send Me A Postcard
12. Western Sunset

Sunshine Rock


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