A Year in Music – 2018 – Jamie Cameron (The Last Dinosaur)

A Year in Music – 2018 – Jamie Cameron (The Last Dinosaur) by Killian Laher

It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch. What have you been up to?

This year has been quite a busy one.  We’ve easily played more in the past year than across the 5 years that preceded it.  Highlights include launching our own night at Servant Jazz Quarters with our friends Jack In Water and road tripping to Groningen during Eurosonic Noorderslag to play a show in a synagogue for our Dutch friends Vikings in Tibet at the start of the year.  We also moved into a permanent studio space in the springtime, which has been a really important step for us.  More recently we released a cover of a track called Me & Magdalena written by Ben Gibbard for The Monkees that I fell in love with a couple of years back, which you can listen to here,

Just last week we released a special video for The Sea from our album The Nothing.  It was directed by Christoffer Relander (who created the artwork for The Nothing) and shot on Super8 film on location in Finland.  It’s the final send off to The Nothing as we start work on our next release.

What are your favourite releases of 2018?

Ulrika Spacek – Suggestive Listening EP

Halo Maud – Je Suis Une île

Low – Double Negative

Merope – Naktės

Keto – Blackened Pool

Any artists you discovered this year that you can’t be without?

Probably Keto, who just released a terribly beautiful album called Blackened Pool (which I selected above) that doesn’t have one weak moment on it.

Are there any personal highlights, musical or otherwise from 2018?

I was lucky enough to be asked to participate at PEOPLE in Berlin which happened across an impossibly beautiful week in August.  I was surrounded by artists and musicians that have inspired me for a considerably amount of time, including the geniuses behind La Blogothèque as well as numerous inspiring individuals I hadn’t yet become familiar with.  It was a life changing week and I’m sure I’ll continue to notice the influence of it echo through my life for years to come.

What inspires you these days?

I’ve found that, after a huge period of slow movement, the more I create the more inspired I become, which means I’m finally reaching a point where I don’t feel like I need to force myself to work.  Part of this is surrounding myself with the right people.

How about next year, what’s ahead?

2019 will see (at least) a new Last Dinosaur release, many many more shows, and some special collaborations alongside plenty of things that I couldn’t possibly predict but that will inevitably be the highlights when we catch up again at the end of next year.

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