Shame – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review

Shame – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review

Dates Sep 19-22 @ 21:15 – Tickets €16 / €14 conc.
Other performance Sep 22 @ 14:30 – Duration 75 mins
Venue: Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage

Can you think of the moments in your life where you felt ashamed? These are the low points of your life, the times where anything and everything has gone wrong and you’re left feeling ridiculous. This is a new production written by Pom Boyd and Sean Millar which is based around the simple theme of shame.

As you enter the theatre you are given an unusual item; a toilet roll. The reason you are given it is not explained and it is interesting to see the people around you try to find their seats with a toilet roll clasped in their hands. All is revealed later on in the performance.

The production takes the form of a rock concert with four members in the band. They play guitar, drums and cello at different times, along with various vocal arrangements. There are substantial spoken word intervals between the songs explaining their inspiration or giving further insights.

Video is also used, with projections onto the back wall. The images can be as simple as a set of leaving cert results or as touching as a sweet smile from a 20-year-old woman, which haunted her the rest of her life. We also see the images of Pom’s appearance on the Late Late show, but never get to hear the sounds.

The main thing that resonates about this piece is its honesty. It shows moments where someone who spent their life on stage is racked with regrets, moments she’d rather forget, but everyone has something similar. Pom Boyd has a rich and colourful past, and she has mined her private history to produce this work. With the perspective of time, some of these are funny and some are extremely sad but they all touch a nerve.

Cast: Pom Boyd
Cast: Sarah Kinlen
Cast: Kim V Porcelli
Written by: Pom Boyd with Séan Millar
Directed by: Pom Boyd with Séan Millar
Production Design: Ciarán O’Melia
Composer & Musical Director: Seán Millar
Production Manager: Lisa M Barry
Photography: Derek Speirs
Producer: Pom Boyd

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