Interview with Caroline Galvis – Free EU Roaming – Dublin Fringe Festival

Interview with Caroline Galvis – Free EU Roaming – Dublin Fringe Festival

We had the chance to put some questions to Caroline Galvis of the ‘Rule of Three’ which is a new production company incorporating the skills of Katie O’Byrne, Sinéad Brady and Caroline Galvis.

An Irishwoman, an Englishwoman and a Germanwoman walk into a bar. A hostel bar in Barcelona where a fight for Catalonian independence rages on the streets outside. Aside from disrupted festival-going plans, all they hold in common is a fucker of a hangover. Trapped, the travellers rip stereotypes into confetti. Grab your passport for a buzzing trip of laughs through the past, present and future of three nations.

Preview Sep 08 @ 18:45 – Tickets €11
Dates Sep 09-13 @ 21:00 – Tickets €14 / 12 conc.
Duration 60 mins

How did your company, the ‘rule of three’ come about?

The three of us met on our Masters in acting and theatre making in Barcelona. We spent the year interrogating our individual artistic processes and found that each of ours complemented the others quite nicely, setting us out to work together after our studies. Over the course of that time, we collaborated on various projects, the latest of which was the Barcelona Solo Festival. Rule of three Collective was the result of late evenings after studies full of laughter and heated discussions in Catalan vermuterías over copious amounts of patatas bravas. Through our exchange and time spent together, the idea was born to make a show about national identity. Studying in the politically charged atmosphere of Barcelona while the independence referendum was happening had a big impact on us. We set up Rule of Three Collective to make theatre that investigates, reclaims and reshapes our national identities and many other parts of life that are connected to this.

How many productions have you made to date?

As Rule of Three Collective, FREE EU ROAMING is our debut production. Yay! However, as individual artists, we’ve had numerous previous productions. Katie has been part of the Dublin Fringe Festival in 2013 and 2015 and has created work and performed in Smock Alley’s Scene and Heard and Collaborations festivals. During her undergrad studies at UCD, she held an Ad Astra Performing Arts scholarship for Drama. With Ad Astra and UCD Dramsoc she has created ISDA award winning shows such as My Mother Said I Never Should (2015) which was also directed by Rosa Bowden and lit by the marvellous Shane Gill our lighting designer. Sinéad has written and performed her own spoken word and monologues throughout the UK and Spain. In 2015 she was selected as one of the Birmingham poets for the Words First programme in partnership with Roundhouse & Radio 1xtra. In 2016 she wrote and performed her one woman show Mi Milandra at Shoot Festival, a platform for emerging artists in Coventry and at Pilot Nights in Birmingham. I (Caroline) have worked with acclaimed collectives in Germany such as ENDER/KOLOSKO (Theater ohne Grenzen, 2016) and Traumschüff e.G. I’ve performed in various shows in the independent Berlin theatre scene such as the female lead in Blumen aus der Rue La Pedie at Theater im Kino in 2017. For FREE EU ROAMING, we team up with our incredible director Rosa Bowden, lighting designer Shane Gill and sound designer Leanne Bergin.

How do you share out the jobs? Do you all write/ direct/ produce etc?

Katie, Sinéad and I (Caroline) are the writers and performers of FREE EU ROAMING. Rosa Bowden is directing the show but also helped to guide the final stages of script work. As the production looks at national identity not only through words but also through movements, some of the content of the show is devised when we are up on our feet in the rehearsal room. For the technical parts we have lighting designer Shane Gill and sound designer Leanne Bergin on board, which is very exciting because we love their work, they add so much to the piece. We are also very lucky to have Nicola Horner as our producer for the show. She joined right in time for our successful FundIt campaign and she is a wonder woman for magical marketing plans and beyond!

Do you all live in Dublin now?

Yes, finally! Caroline and Sinéad moved to Dublin from Coventry, UK and Berlin, Germany to make the show happen. Both say they absolutely love the city and could imagine staying for longer. Katie’s family is from Dublin and deeply rooted in the local theatre scene. Her uncle Brian Fleming for instance has performed his three one man shows at the Dublin Fringe Festival previously.

Tell me about FREE EU ROAMING?

FREE EU ROAMING is a physical theatre piece about national identity. Three women from three different nations are trapped in a hostel while a fight for independence is raging on the streets. The outside, combined with their mutual encounter makes the characters reflect on their respective relations to their national identities. They engage with stereotypes, prejudice, collective histories and current political developments. They find common ground and look into the future they imagine for their three countries and Europe as a whole. We as a collective and FREE EU ROAMING as a production have set out to make theatre that reclaims and reshapes our collective history and national identities. The characters are quite close to our own experiences or people we have met but during the process of writing the script, we interviewed friends and family members, asking them to tell us what national identity means to them and looking at common histories we could find to expand these characters to show people that might have more diverging opinions on what is happening around them than the three of us would have. Of course, World Wars and fights for independence were big topics we explored to link them to the current situation in Catalonia. Eventually, we decided to tell the story from the perspectives of three young women who wanted to come to Barcelona for a music festival. The characters discuss themes of national identity, go head to head, sometimes taking it too far, they learn, take the piss out of each other and make decisions which may or may not not be the right ones. We want our audience to have fun while engaging in topics that can be tricky, especially in times of Brexit and the re-empowerment of right wing movements in Europe.

What else would you recommend from the Dublin Fringe Festival?

We’d love to see every single show but our tech team probably won’t get the cloning machine ready til the festival starts – so this is our must see list:

Down the Drain by Unamused Theatre

Confirmation by X+CO / Xnthony

Fragments by Jessie Keenan

 – Kiss Kiss Slap Slap by Chaos Factory

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