Super Troopers 2 – Film Review

Super Troopers 2 – Film Review by Fran Winston

Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar
Starring: Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, Rob Lowe, Brian Cox

In cinemas June 15th

The sequel you didn’t know you needed or wanted is here. A mere 17 years and one crowdfunding campaign after the original the inept Highway Patrolmen are back. If you haven’t seen the original Super Troopers – which was a modest commercial success but went on to become a cult classic – you’re probably rather indifferent to this film. But if you are one of the die-hard fans (who possibly donated money to the Indiegogo campaign to help get this made) then you are probably squealing with excitement.

The plot, in a nutshell, involves a group of haphazard former police officers who were fired after an incident involving Wonder Years star Fred Savage. When it turns out part of the Canadian Border is actually US property the Canadians agree to return it and the team are reunited to patrol the soon to be American soil. However, the local Mounties aren’t too happy about being reassigned elsewhere and a prolific smuggler seems to be trying to take advantage of the fact that the area will soon be US territory so it is left to the hapless heroes to save the day.

I’m going to save you some time here – this is incredibly puerile jock humour with lots of penis and stoner jokes, casual racism, deeply un-PC language and is full of stereotypes. If that is what you are into then definitely go see,

However, the more discerning cinema goer may find this a little too low brow and crass for their liking. It actually feels a bit like being in a time warp as the style of comedy that made the first one a cult hit is now rather dated. It seems to think it’s being edgy but it gets very tiresome very quickly. Even the presence of the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and the usually dependable Brian Cox can’t save this (and Rob Lowe – what were you thinking!) It may have the odd moment that will make you grin but that is in spite of and not because of what you witness on the screen.

This definitely has a target audience – I’m just not it. And it is impossible to critically appraise it using the usual criteria as they don’t take themselves seriously enough for me to write a serious review. I’m sure it will hit the mark with the fans who love the first movie but as I said above if you are not into tasteless, puerile penis jokes then perhaps you should give this a miss.



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