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Library Tapes – Patterns (Repeat) – Album Review

Library Tapes – Patterns (Repeat) – Album Review by Killian Laher

Library Tapes is the recording name of Swedish composer David Wenngren.  Wenngren has been quietly releasing short half hour or so albums over the last 13 years.  These days any ambient noise from earlier releases is completely excised, leaving brief, ephemeral chamber pieces.  Largely piano based, tracks like Patterns, Repeat and Sequence II are very pleasant but are over in just over two minutes, leaving little time to make an impression.  The latter of these adds violin, to great effect, as does Ending I.  The soaring Sequence I opens on violin before being joined by cello, it’s one of the few tracks here without piano, standing apart for that reason.  Shelter I is something of a centrepiece, combining all the elements.  Things take a darker turn on Achieving Closure, the music here is brooding and sombre, but this mood doesn’t linger beyond this piece.

It’s very pretty stuff, though frustratingly brief.  But for those with low attention spans this will suit them perfectly.  It’s available here.
Track List –
1. Patterns
2. Ending I
3. Sequence I
4. Shelter I
5. Shelter II
6. Achieving closure (solo piano)
7. Achieving closure II
8. Repeat
9. Sequence II
10. Ending II

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