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Lump – Lump – Album Review

Lump – Lump – Album Review

Release date: Friday, June 1st 2018

If you’re wondering who Lump are, they are the duo of Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay. While Marling is a relatively big name, as a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, Lindsay is less so.  He is in fact a founding member of Tunng and is also a Mercury prize-winning producer.

The album starts with the slow burn of Late to the Flight. It’s a guitar and vocal track that builds over the course of the five minutes running time. It’s a definite highlight of the album that could become something of a sleeper hit. The flutes and drones in the background make the sound feel lush and dense.

“Late to the flight
Take your seat next to the woman in white
By candle light
Don’t wear your smiley face t-shirt tonight”Late to the Flight

May I Be The Light starts with keyboard and drum machine before the layered vocals arrive. As with all the songs, there’s much going on in the background, with lots of tricks and toys. The Curse of the Contemporary is quite a funky affair with an impressive bass line. It’s an upbeat song that bounds along with guitar, bass and vocals sounding like a lost 60s classic.

“If you should be bored in California
I’m sure I’m not the last to warn ya
The natives scaled the mountains for the promise of the sea
But deem the land unworthy of the evidently”Curse of the Contemporary

Hand Hold Hero starts with looped keyboards and vocals. It is one of the few sparse tracks on the album, allowing Marling’s vocals to do the majority of the work. LUMP is a Product (credits) is a bizarre song that puts the album credits to music, as we’re told the names of those involved. An interesting idea that doesn’t quite come off, but is useful for the music reviewer if nothing else!

It’s a short album, lasting just over half an hour, but there is enough merit in it to get plenty of attention. It’s quite different to either member’s other work and has something quite unique about it. Well worth your time and I’d imagine it will win many friends along the way. The album’s brevity is the only thing that disappoints!

Track List –

  1. Late To The Flight
  2. May I Be The Light
  3. Rolling Thunder
  4. Curse Of The Contemporary
  5. Hand Hold Hero
  6. Shake Your Shelter
  7. LUMP is a Product (credits)

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