Electric – Theatre Upstairs – Review

Electric – Theatre Upstairs – Review by Frank L.

Until May 5th

When you arrive at Theatre Upstairs a yellow wristband with the word “Electric” will be attached to your wrist. To get you even more in the groove there is a make-up artist waiting to provide glitter for your face.

When you enter the auditorium Scarlett (Ali Hardiman) and Joni (Ericka Roe) are suitably dressed in cut-off shorts already to go to Electric Picnic. The stage is bedecked with all sorts of party lights and the floor is strewn with a mass of confetti like small pieces of paper. Before a word is spoken the party mood prevails.

Scarlett comes from Dalkey and needless to say is a bit posh. Joni does not come from Dalkey and is far from being posh or anywhere near it. They are at the gig for very different reasons each with their own group of friends. Joni is in her element and has made all sorts of preparations; Scarlett is in attendance reluctantly and it appears somewhat surprisingly that it was her mother who was the driving force to make her go. Inevitably, they meet and discover some of their differences but also areas where they are quite alike.

It all takes place to the gentle beat of the music as they banter away. But Hardiman’s script has Scarlett and Joni introducing the audience to some of their mates. It is fast moving and at times very funny. Hardiman’s script hits the right notes.

A huge amount of skilled energy has been used to make this production as memorable as possible. Clare Maguire’s direction keeps Hardiman and Roe moving at a merry clip. Electric is a production which brings into the city the rural eclectic charms of the Electric Picnic free of the rain and mud. It is about a fun event and it is just that – fun.

Ali Hardiman | WRITER / CAST
Ericka Roe | CAST
Clare Maguire | DIRECTOR
Ursula McGinn | SET DESIGN
Sam Hardiman | COMPOSER

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