Scene + Heard – Week 1 – Preview

Scene + Heard – Week 1 – Smock Alley Theatre – Preview

From the 14th of Feb to the 3rd of March

It’s almost impossible to pick the best events from the Scene + Heard festival at Smock Alley. It’s a festival of new theatre makers and a lot of the productions are at an early stage. Still, we had an insider in the camp who gave us a few tips of the ones that should not be missed!

We’d recommend you take a few chances and have a look at their  Interactive PDF Programme here.

Find our top tips for week one below – 

BLOCK 2: Laistigh den GhleoEnvironmental music designed to engage and enrich one’s surroundings.
WED 14 + THUR 15 FEB @ 6.30PM

This performance presents music written within the conceptual framework of composer Satoshi Ashikawa’s Wave Notation series, which advocates the importance of sound design in modern times.

BLOCK 2: BILLYA better tomorrow, today

WED 14 + THUR 15 FEB @ 6.30PM

It’s a chaotic and messy world but the storage industry has multi-purpose, space-saving, reasonably priced solutions. A comedic exploration of corporate jargon, IKEA, and Tupperware parties.

BLOCK 7: A Painful CaseOne box, one memory, one decision

WED 14 + THUR 15 FEB | 9:30PM

James Duffy has left Mary Sinico a box with his memory of her mother. Watch as a new performer each night brings the box to life. From the Dubliners short story comes a moving tale of love, music and memory.

BLOCK 7: Captive AudienceHow far are you willing to go?

WED 14 + THUR 15 FEB | 9:30PM

In the Acting world they say that persistence is key, but what happens when you go too far? For those who want to laugh, cry and be a little disturbed.

BLOCK 11: Pulp InjectionSpies! Martians! Temptresses! Priests!
FRI 16 FEB @ 8PM

Two retro radio plays: Eamon de Valera takes on priest-abducting martians, and an ex-spy gets tempted back into the game by the re-emergence of an old enemy.




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