TV Picks of the Week – 16-01-18


Make a date or set your DVR for our top telly choices this week

Millionaires’ Ex-Wives Club

Tuesday 17 January, 9pm, BBC2

The title gives it away but this documentary gives an insight into what happens when the perfect marriage ends. “This programme steps inside the world of high-profile divorce cases where millions of pounds are at stake – and London is the battleground.”


Film – A Royal Night Out

Friday 19 Jan/Saturday 20 Jan, Midnight, RTE1

This 2015 romantic comedy film is based on true events involving the then Royal Princess Elizabeth and her sister Margaret. As Great Britain celebrated the end of the War in Europe on VE Day in 1945, the sisters were allowed to join the celebrations. They went out incognito but were accompanied by escorts (some artistic licence here in the film version as they were actually in an organised group in real life).

No surprise that the film shows that it was the more adventurous Margaret who first managed to give her companion the slip. It’s an entertaining film and joins the recent canon of films based on the Royals’ lives (The Queen, The King’s Speech etc).

Documentary – Obama: The President Who Inspired the World

Saturday 20 January, 9pm, More 4

Matt Frei examines the life and times of an extraordinary President, Barack Obama, one year on from when he exited the White House. He experienced many challenges over his two terms but his Presidency lacked the scandals that we’ve witnessed with other Presidencies, including the current one. From the ‘Yes We Can’ movement to the Obamacare obstacles, this documentary takes a fascinating look at the man himself and his rise to power.




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