All Honey – Bewley’s Café Theatre – Review

All Honey – Bewley’s Café Theatre @ Powerscourt – Review by Paddy McGovern

January 08 – 27, 2018
Time: 1pm (doors at 12.50pm)

All Honey – Written by Ciara Elizabeth Smyth

Ciara Elizabeth Smyth’s revived production at Bewley’s is a diverting and enjoyable piece of theatre, a good way to spend a January lunch-hour, escaping the miserable winter weather.

Set in a shared house during a party of sorts, the play gets off to a breakneck, entertaining start. It seldom slows down, doors opening and closing with great frequency, as characters appear and disappear, leaving in their wake a wave of doubt and suspicion that threatens the whole network of friendships and romances. At times the play is like a Restoration comedy without the toppling screens, as dodgy characters are unmasked and embarrassing scenarios unfold. After a while, the relentless pace loses some of its purpose and a little relief would be welcome.

Performances are strong. Ashleigh Dorrell’s Mae is manic and self-doubting, playing well against Danielle Galligan’s sane and measured Ru.  Ciara Elizabeth Smyth’s wicked-fairy Val is kooky, unpredictable and more than a little malicious. David Fennelly’s bashful Luke comes out worst in all situations. It is a nicely judged performance, counterbalancing the sense of a romp elsewhere. Keith Jordan’s Barry is an unthinking, would-be Romeo, careless of the destruction he leaves in his wake.

Director Jeda de Brí extracts well-delineated characterisations from her cast. The pace is brisk, if at times unvaried, and overall this is an amusing, well-acted piece and yes, a good antidote to the January blues. It continues at Bewley’s at 1 pm daily (Monday to Saturday) until January 27th


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