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The Courtneys – II – Album Review

The Courtneys – II – Album Review by Killian Laher

The Courtneys are a Canadian three piece who trade in catchy melodies combined with fuzzy guitars.  They released their second album a few months ago and it’s a little slice of joy.  Opener Silver Velvet chimes along with Jen Twynn’s sweet vocals mixing beautifully with the gently growling guitars.  Songs like Country Song and Minnesota have a kind bittersweet, nineties feel, like Juliana Hatfield or Belly, with some serious guitar work from Courtney Loove.  It does get a bit samey after a while though it’s safe to say if you like one of these songs, you’ll like them all.  The only slight misstep is Lost Boys, in that it’s a decent tune but it goes on for far too long at nearly seven minutes, though it does a nice line in nostalgia with the lyric “you look just like you did in 1986.”  Towards the end Iron Deficiency copper-fastens the retro feel with chanted riot grrrl-style vocals.

It’s not particularly ground-breaking but for fans of this sort of ‘bubblegrunge’, it’s faultless stuff. This will warm the heart of anyone pining for sunnier weather.

Track List –

1. Silver Velvet
2. Country Song
3. Minnesota
4. Tour
5. Lost Boys
6. Virgo
7. 25
8. Iron Deficiency
9. Mars Attacks
10. Frankie

Silver Velvet 
 com/watch?v=Z8eDKxWBFwU&app= desktop



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