Interview with Nyree Yergainharsian – Project Pop Up – 15-12-17

Project Arts Centre with Nyree Yergainharsian & Shaun Dunne Presents: 

Project Pop Up – Dates: 15 Dec 2017 – Show Time: 7.30pm – Tickets: €15 (including a free drink)

We had the chance to ask Nyree Yergainharsian some questions about Project Pop Up which is happening on Friday the 15th December 2017 at the Project Arts Centre. Nyree along with Shaun Dunne have organised the event. You can see the results below…

Who came up with the idea for Project Pop Up? When did you become involved with it?

Myself and Shaun (Dunne) had been toying with the idea for a few months- a way to highlight Project Arts Centre to those who we knew would love it but weren’t aware of it. It’s the best contemporary arts venue in Dublin and has an amazing turnover of work that would appeal to a wide variety of people – for example those who love Music festivals like EP and Another Love Story, Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin Dance Festival etc. Pop Up came from the desire to show new audiences the range of work on offer in Project in a casual, cost friendly, fun filled evening! At the same time, Project was looking for a new scratch night similar to Project Brand New, a previous initiative. We approached Cian, the artistic director of Project, and Project Pop Up was born!

A Revue is rarely seen on stage these days. Is that what this is?

I suppose Pop Up has similarities with a Revue – it is bringing together theatre, dance, film and more to create an evening of spectacle for audiences at Project. What’s great about Pop Up is that we have a few talk back sessions with the artists who will talk about their work and their practice to help give everyone an insight into the contemporary performance world. This aspect is certainly something we don’t get to experience all the time.

Why do you think theatre has moved away from collections of smaller sketches to longer pieces?

There is still a great deal of variety in what is seen on stage- in Dublin Fringe Festival you can see a 45 minute piece of theatre in Bewleys Cafe while also seeing a three hour long play at The Abbey or The Gate. What we are trying to achieve with Pop Up is a nice, well-rounded taster of the kinds of work you will see at Project without too much commitment or cost. The compact 20 minute pieces allow you to taste four performances in just one evening.

Can you confirm any of the names involved? What can we expect?

While we can’t divulge the line up (that’s a surprise!) we can tell you that you will hear from 8 leading Irish contemporary artists/companies across a whole range of arts practice, from theatre to film, original live music and more. Audiences can expect a jam packed, fun filled, eye opening night of contemporary art at Project. And a free beer to wash it all down with!

With the majority of theatres providing a steady diet of Panto at the moment, are you providing something very different?

This is a world away from Panto, but still very festive and enjoyable!

What was your best Christmas present ever?

I had always wanted to put Christmas lights all over the outside of my house like in the American movies. One day my dad collected me from school and brought me home to where he had spent the whole day covering the entire house with lights, including a big red swinging bell on the front- an amazing Christmas present!

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