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Angel Olsen – Phases – Album Review

Angel Olsen – Phases – Album Review

Is Angel really old enough to have a B-side, rarities and demos collection? I guess she has an unusual history having recorded on many compilations and even some cassette-only releases, so this is a chance for the purist to catch up on some lost gems!

The opening track ‘Fly on your Wall’ sets the tone, with slow guitar and moody vocals. It has a bigger arrangement than most of the tracks, with bass and other electronic background noises.  It was first released on “Our First 100 Days”, a collection of songs released for charity, so can be classed under raritites! “Special” was recorded at the same time as My Woman but was not available until now. It’s a slow burning track, with layered guitar, vocals and drums. “How Many Disasters” and “Sans” are home demos with suitable lo-fi credentials. There is even a Springsteen cover in the form of “Tougher than the Rest”.

The album is probably not a starting point, so if you’re just getting interested in her work, there are better places to start. A number of the songs are just Angel and a guitar, but really what else do you need? For the uber fans out there, this is a chance to get your hands on a few more sad love songs from an artist who is slowly making her way to the top.

Track List:
1. Fly On Your Wall
2. Special
3. Only With You
4. All Right Now
5. Sans
6. Sweet Dreams
7. California
8. Tougher Than the Rest
9. For You
10. How Many Disasters
11. May as Well
12. Endless Road


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