FFFFFFFMILK – Smock Alley – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review

FFFFFFFMILK – Smock Alley – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review

Dates Sep 15 – 17 @ 18:45 – Tickets €14/ €12 conc.
Duration 60 mins – Other performance Sep 16 @ 14:15
Venue: Smock Alley Theatre Boys’ School

You always wonder when you go to a comedy show, is it a good idea to sit in the front row. Will it mean you’re the butt of the jokes for an hour or dragged up on stage. Well, fear not with this one, because it doesn’t matter where you sit. There’s a good chance you’ll have Paul sitting on your lap or slow dancing with you at some stage. There was Conor who got off relatively lightly and just joined Paul in playing a plant like a musical instrument. Breifne however had a more difficult experience, as he had to have a ‘bum off’ with Paul. It’s not what it sounds like, honest!

Paul Currie is a comedian from Belfast who deals strictly in the surreal. Don’t expect a lot of one liners or witty repartee. What you get instead is a tall man in a white jumpsuit with long hair and an intense gaze. He takes the audience on a whistle-stop tour. We travel to far off lands on the back of Falkor the Luckdragon from the Never Ending Story and give him a reach around. We get to see Paul ride on a horse high above our heads and fly over mountains and valleys. We also learn how to Hoof, a craze that is quickly passing out the high-five, which now seems dated and outmoded!

There really isn’t a way to avoid being part of the show, unless you avoid it altogether. He’s a force of nature on stage and takes the audience well outside their comfort zones! Paul has a belief that people take themselves too seriously and aims to make his audience have an hour of silly fun.





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