TV Picks of the Week – 11/09/17


By Lisa Jewell

Make a date or set your DVR for our top telly choices this week

Documentary – What Are You Working For?

Monday 11 September, 9.35pm, RTE1

A new series of documentaries kicked off last week with Dr Eva Orsmond looking at health inequality in Ireland and this week, it’s the current employment market that’s featured. Philip Boucher-Hayes examines issues including the gender pay gap, public versus private sector (continuing the debate about the pros and cons of each type of job), the rise of the ‘gig’ economy and what Irish people value most about their jobs.

Drama – Grace Harte

Thursday 14 September, 10pm, TG4

New three part drama series on TG4 that tells the story of Grace Harte, who runs a dilapidated hotel in the West of Ireland with her husband and feels trapped in a life and a marriage she no longer wants. When a young surfer moves in nearby, he sets in motion a chain of events that will dramatically change the lives of all three involved.

The series is shot in black and white and is reminiscent of Scandinavian crime thrillers – beautifully filmed and very atmospheric.

Film – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Friday 15 September, 6.55pm, Film4

Wonderful coming of age drama that was adapted from a critically acclaimed novel from 1999. It deals with some weighty subjects in the form of youth mental health but far from being a sombre film, it skilfully moves between light and shade to show the huge ups and downs of teenage life.

The main character Charlie (Logan Lerman) suffers from clinical depression and makes the transition from a mental health care institution back to high school. Being shy, he finds it difficult to make friends but makes a connection with his English teacher Mr Anderson (Paul Rudd). He makes friends with two step-siblings Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller) and quickly develops feelings for the seemingly uber confident Sam.

Great performances all round and a really good film soundtrack too.




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