Interview with Kate Stanley Brennan – Walk For Me – Bewley’s Cafe Theatre

Interview with Kate Stanley Brennan – Walk For Me – Bewley’s Cafe Theatre

We had the chance to talk to Kate Stanley Brennan, daughter of Stephen Brennan & Martina Stanley, about her new show Walk For Me in the Fringe Festival. You can see the results below…

Walk For Me – 12th- 18th Sept – Bewley’s Cafe Theatre

“Forget the world…Forget the people…Just close your eyes…Forget your name.” Enticed from Manhattan’s streets by a mysterious stranger, Dubliner Mary Jane gets sucked into the underground world of New York’s club scene. She gets into some sticky situations as she looks for love in all the wrong places, running through life along the edge of a knife. But she’s on a mission to prove to the world that she can walk alone. Expect sex, decks and original songs by MissKate, MathMan and Bobofunk.

What was it like growing up in a house of actors? Were there always writers/ directors around the house?

It was all we knew as kids but we were also aware that our family was different to most- profession wise , but we were just like any other family in terms of loving and killing each other!

Were you always destined for the stage or did you almost go in a different direction? Did you ever dream of running away and becoming an accountant?

As early as i can remember I wanted to be on stage despite being quite a shy child. But my parents were always very realistic about the business, and warned us of the struggle attached – particularly for my generation, so there was a moment I considered architecture as it still required an artistic streak as well as making you a few quid!

Did your parents ever try to persuade you to work in a different industry?

Well I was pretty good at Physics and Chemistry in school so Dad really wanted me to be to be a Scientist! My parents were very encouraging no matter what we were into , but they wouldn’t have pushed us into the business by any means.

When were you first on stage in a professional production? What can you remember of it?

My first professional gig was playing one of the Witches in “Macbeth” for Second Age. We went on tour around Ireland with it and a serious amount of craic was had.

You are also the writer of ‘Walk for me’. Is this the first play you have written?

Yes! This is the first play I’ve ever written, so I’m extremely nervous about the whole thing – but Gavin Kostick in Fishamble has been a huge help and support with the writing process as well as my sister Sarah, who is also directing.

This play is being directed by your sister, Sarah Brennan. Does this alter the dynamic between actor and director?

you would think so – but Sarah has been directing me in plays since I’ve been a kid at Ann Kavanagh’s Young People’s Theatre, so I’m well used to it and we have a great relationship – there’s no bullshit.

The play features DJ Handsome Paddy on decks and is involved with the New York club scene. Have you experience of the scene?

Yes, I’m blessed to have Paddy working on this with me, he is an incredible DJ.

I did spend a year after college in New York working in the underground club scene in New York and it was an amazingly transformative year of my life.

What productions are you most looking forward to in the Fringe? Will you get a chance to see much of the other work?

I am looking forward to all the other Show In A Bags! very interested to see what they are up to particularly my pal Liz Fitzgibbon’s.  I’ve worked with Liz before and she’s brilliant at anything she does. I also would like to see Gladys and the Gutter Stars – I will always jump at a chance to hear Rachel Gleeson’s sublime voice.

There are so many other things I hope to see – my show only runs for the first week of Fringe (Tues 12th Sept- Mon 18th Sept) so will get to suss out some other stuff when I’m done and able to relax!

Written and performed by Kate Stanley Brennan with Handsome Paddy on decks
Directed by Sarah Brennan
Original music from MathMan, Bobofunk and MissKate


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