New Music – Adrian Crowley – I Wish

New Music – Adrian Crowley – I Wish

Adrian Crowley was at Kristin Hersh in the National Concert Hall recently. I know because I saw him there! He’s at many gigs around Dublin, which I always think is a good sign. He loves listening to music as much as he loves playing it.

He’s back with a new album, and it his eight release! I can’t see it being the one that launches him to the mainstream, but he probably knows this also. It will be another album of well written sad songs… Check out the lead single below…



Adrian Crowley – Dark Eyed Messenger

LP / CD / DD – 6th October 2017 – Chemikal Underground

This October Dublin’s extraordinary singer, songwriter and storyteller will cast his finest spell yet with the release of Dark Eyed Messenger, a masterful work of unwavering focus and beauty.

Album number eight and Crowley’s fourth for Chemikal Underground, Dark Eyed Messenger comprises 11 songs that alight on the various branches of the song tree the Irish singer-songwriter has established and nurtured between his debut, A Strange Kind, in 1999 and his last release, the ravishing Some Blue Morning, in 2014.

While crowned as ever with Crowley’s mahoganied baritone, Dark Eyed Messenger is the Dublin-based artist’s first set untouched by the instrument with which he is most associated, guitar. This is just one of many surprising yet bewitching results of the album’s stress-free birth at the hands of American producer and musician Thomas Bartlett, aka Doveman (Sufjan Stevens, Martha Wainwright, The Magnetic Fields, The Gloaming).



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