TV Picks of the Week – 31/07/17

TV PICKS OF THE WEEK – 31/07/17 By Lisa Jewell

Our top telly choices for the week ahead

Documentary – Public Enemies: Jay Z vs Kanye

Monday 31 July, 10pm, Channel 4

This documentary charts the creative partnership and friendship between Jay Z and Kanye West which has hit the skids in the last couple of years. Using previously unseen footage and interviews with people who know them best, the programme attempts to find out what went wrong between the two biggest rap artists of today and finds that the pair are very much like chalk and cheese in both their upbringing, their outlook and their temperaments.

Documentary – Old People’s Home for 4-Year-Olds

Tuesday 1 August, 9pm, Channel 4

Beautifully put together fly on the wall documentary that shows what happens when a class of four-year-olds are joined by a group of pensioners in a new nursery set within a retirement village near Bristol.

There have been a few social experiments teaming up older people with those just starting out in life to see what the effects are and it’s wonderful to see that in reality in the programme as the group work and play together. Expect some lovely interactions between the two generations and while you’d expect the kids to gain a lot, it’s really noticeable just how much it gives to the older cohort in the group.

Film – The Producers

Saturday 5 August, 11.35pm, RTE1

Remake of the legendary Mel Brooks film starting Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. The film doesn’t quite capture the magic of the original film with Gene Wilder but as remakes go, it’s still an excellent film in its own right.

The story follows a Broadway producer who corrals a timid accountant into joining him in orchestrating a fraud – selling out a show that’s bound to be a big flop but absconding with the takings to Rio before they get caught. And what’s the most ludicrous and tasteless show they can think of? Springtime in Hitler – a jaunty musical with Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

But what happens if people actually – against all the odds – like the production?




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