47 Metres Down – Film Review

47 Metres Down – Film Review

Director: Johannes Roberts
Writers: Johannes Roberts, Ernest Riera
Stars: Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, Matthew Modine

Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) are a couple of care free sisters on holidays in Mexico. They meet a couple of guys at a bar, who say they are going swimming with sharks the next day. They offer the girls a cut price deal to come along as they know the guy who is doing the tour. What could possibly go wrong?

The group set off and meet Captain Taylor (Modine) and jump on board the good ship Rust-bucket! They seem quietly put off by the state of the cage that will protect them from the sharks outside, but obviously not enough to do something crazy like stay on board! The two sisters descend into the depths of the ocean and wait for the sharks to come and chew up the chum provided. But wait, what is this? The cable breaks and they fall to the bottom of the ocean, 47 metres below!

So, another summer, another film about sharks going after the tasty treats which are Hollywood celebrities! They could have any fish in the ocean, but how could they compare with the flesh of Mandy Moore et al. You know what you’re getting long before you go into the cinema, but that’s part of the fun of it; safe thrills. Who cares that sharks kill less people each year than lightning, they are a heck of a lot scarier and have much bigger teeth!

The reason why the ship is in such a state of disrepair becomes obvious as the crew spent all their money on state of the art diving equipment, with face masks complete with comm systems. I guess it would have been a quiet movie without them, so we’ll allow them that indiscretion! The most unusual aspect of this film is that they are trapped beneath the ocean and have to deal with the various features of scuba diving; air tanks, depth metres etc. It adds a new element to the film, although scuba nerds will be able to pick it apart for inaccuracies. If we accept flying men with laser eyes in other films (Superman), I find no problem this minor suspension of disbelief.

The film trundles along at a decent pace, and other than a bungled ending, it’s entertaining throughout. The writer/ director of the piece is one Johannes Roberts, who is known for such classics as The Other Side of the Door, so you’re well into the horror genre here. You never feel you know any of the characters, which makes it much easier to see them chewed up! Despite the title, there’s very little depth to any of it, but for a monster movie it’s an enjoyable fast paced affair.






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