New Music – Art Feynman – Slow Down

New Music – Art Feynman – Slow Down

You know those artists that have more names than most people have hot dinners? Well, Art Feynman is the new project by Luke Temple of Here We Go Magic fame. He also released the album “The Birds of Late December” under his own name which was one of our favourites from last year. This is something different…

“A combo of krautrock, afrobeat, psych-rock & spirited electronics all mushed together and executed to perfection.”

‘Blast Off Through The Wicker’ is set for release July 14th via Western Vinyl.



Director Terri Loewenthal said the following about the video: “The song plays with the notion of timing both in the lyrical content – rushing, multitasking, being hurried – and in the recording process – the speeding-up of vocals and various other elements in the song.  The video is a visual counterpoint to this idea, as abstract and playful as the song.  Art F’s art direction for the video was simple, just the single phrase “dark and colorful.”  The process was an open collaboration fueled by freedom and trust, the best possible formula for flow.”

Luke Temple invented Here We Go Magic when he started working with Western Vinyl in 2009, and now he’s returned to the label and he’s reinventing himself again with Art Feynman. Combing everything from krautrock to afrobeat to psych-rock to spirited electronics, the debut album from Feynman is impossible to pinpoint, but showcases just what artistry can be expected from the upcoming debut record.

His debut album is out this week (July 14th).



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