Bump at the Edinburgh Fringe

Bump at the Edinburgh Fringe by Audrey Devereux

Assembly George Square Theatre (Venue 8) ​
Dates: Aug 3-13, 15-20, 22-28

Brand new Irish theatre company Bump and Grind will be hitting the prestigious Edinburgh Assembly Rooms this August 3rd-28th as part of the Edinburgh Fringe, with their devised one woman show ‘Bump’. Altogether a timely piece, in light of recent focus on the Eighth Amendment and the passionate campaigning by those on both sides of the debate: Lily is a young woman reflecting on life so far in an abortion clinic waiting room. Actor Rosa Torr, and co-directors Rosa Bowden and Cathal Sheerin came up with the idea for the piece last year, after working together on UCD Dramsoc’s committee. ‘The abortion debate came up and we thought what if…’ says Rosa Bowden, the named director of the monologue, although she states all three can take credit for the direction of the play. They wanted to come up with a piece of theatre that told the story of one young woman’s journey and how she came to be there, however, as can sometimes be the case in approaching this topic ‘Lily is not a victim’ says Torr emphatically, ‘She is in that waiting room trying to make sense of her life and her choices so far, often with humour, as she looks back at herself and the characters she meets along the way.’ Torr says it was eye-opening for them as a company to work on this together, as actor Rosa Torr is from the UK, where abortion is freely available.

Originally staged in UCD Dramsoc as a 40min work in progress, audience feedback for Bump was very positive, they also had input from UCD’s resident director Kelly Hughes on the physicality of the piece, this lead to the company considering the Fringe in Edinburgh. They made contact and Torr states that the Assembly rooms really liked the idea, so an hour-long version of the show is what will be staged in the Box venue, in an intimate staging with lighting by designer Shane Gill ‘where the audience will feel as if they are in the waiting room alongside Lily’ says Torr.

The company plan to run previews in Dramsoc and in London this summer, before heading to Edinburgh for their month-long stint at the Assembly rooms.  Further information on Bump and booking info for Edinburgh Assembly rooms is available here.



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