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Tindersticks – Minute Bodies – Album Review

Tindersticks – Minute Bodies – Album Review by Killian Laher

As well as releasing albums of exquisite dark soul, Tindersticks have also released numerous soundtracks over more than 20 years. This is the soundtrack to a film about nature documentary maker F. Percy Smith, and it very much concentrates on the outer fringes of the band’s sound. Much use is made of electronics and creeping organ, with incidental piano here and there. Tracks like Gathering Moss and The Strangler, when taken on their own merits, do a fine job of creating an eerie atmosphere. The keyboard-led Peas and Ques has a soaring, almost magical quality to it. On the other hand, Magic Myxie is atonal and even abrasive in parts.

But much of the album consists of meandering, unresolved tracks like World In A Wine Glass, Fireworks and Percy’s Dream which, as a stand-alone listen, don’t offer an awful lot. For committed fans only.

Track List:

1. Percy’s Theme
2. Gathering Moss
3. Magic Myxies
4. Peas and Ques
5. Tiny Honey Gatherers
6. World In a Wine Glass
7. Fireworks
8. The Strangler
9. Percy’s Dream
10. Brewsters Magic
11. Reverse Frog
12. Life Cycle of a Newt
13. Reproduction Montage
14. Scarlet Runner
15. Percy’s Dream (Reprise)

Minute Bodies trailer:




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